cambodia 2


The genocide and displacement of millions has resulted in Cambodia being one of the poorest countries in Asia - there is no welfare, public transport or subsidized health care; most people survive on less than $2 a day; in many areas there is often no electricity, running water or sanitation.

There are two legacies of the Pol Pot regime that are particularly important:

  • 80% of teachers were killed and by the end of the carnage, only 54 teachers remained in the whole country
  • 34% of the current population are under 14 years of age

Up to half of Cambodia’s children do not complete primary school, with girls dropping out before boys. This lack of education has lead to a devastating loss of productive skills across the country.

The Cambodian people are ready and eager for change. Matesabroad works to empower these communities by educating the children and supporting their families towards financial independance. Our aim is for this next generation to become the instruments of positive social change. Our mission is to create leaders armed with the skills, knowledge and ability to transform their communities.