In 2000 a young Australian University education student, volunteered to work in Cambodia during her holidays. She worked to educate children living in the squatter communities on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.  She became so committed to these children that she stayed on, deferring her studies. She then recruited her family back in Sydney to help raise money to open primary schools in these communities. Their initiative soon spread to involve like- minded friends and Matesabroad was founded.  

Over the years Matesabroad has grown with the assistance of a strong support team, made up of experienced professionals who generously give their time to ensure that our programs are well researched, financially effective and have long term viability.

This grassroots Australian charity now wholly funds the running of 5 primary schools in the slums of Phnom Penh which are achieving extraordinary results and assists in providing micro loans to families so they can develop businesses and become financially independent. Over the last ten years we have continued to improve our programs and with the support of our volunteers our graduating students are now outperforming the local government schools and our communities are working towards independence.

We choose to remain a small organisation for exactly these reasons – we are able to keep our administrative costs low and specifically direct 100% of donations where they are most needed. We are able to remain focused on our families and we do what we do well.

Our aim is for these five squatter communities to have broken the cycle of poverty by the next generation.