New cambodian schoolA new school is being built in Ark Piwat Mean Chey Community to replace the existing one classroom school which can only accommodate grades 1-4. The new 6 room classroom brick school with toilets will accommodate Grades 1-6, kindergarten, English classes, computer classes, adult education classes, community meeting room and will be capable of accommodating visting volunteer groups. Funding has come from Knox Grammar School and Ravenswood School for Girls both of Sydney and the local community and District


Peppa pig

Under the leadership of Louise McNamara the English curriculum at our schools has undergone a revolutionary change. The Curriculum and text books from the UK and USA have been replaced. Louise with the assistance of Katherine Zerounian has re-written the curriculum, created resources and conducted teacher training.

The result is a best practise English course available to all our students in the squatter communities. All 586 students in our schools now undertake a 30 minute English lesson every school day. To the left is Peppa Pig helping Grade 1 students learn English at Phoum Boun Community School.