The Matesabroad Foundation incurs no administration costs in Australia. All our personnel in Australia are volunteers. 100% of all your donations go to our projects in Cambodia.

We have been determined to maintain this as a platform of our organisation to demonstrate our commitment towards financial transparency.

We want to assure the many generous people who donate to us that their money will go to where it is needed and not be wasted. We feel a great obligation to ensure that every cent is monitored and spent carefully for maximum benefit.

All of our projects are researched, analysed and evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency before commencement.  

Cambodia like many developing countries has a reputation regarding corruption. As a result we have ensured that our financial records are formally audited annually by the KPMG office in Phnom Penh. We develop our budgets annually and review and revise these several times a year if required in consultation with our Cambodian counterparts.

We have formal policies in place to ensure transparency and to safeguard our finances in Cambodia. We have developed and implemented procedures for the strict maintenance of financial records, retaining of receipts and the requirement for three written quotations for all major expenses.

We spend every cent carefully.



We invest in the education of the children in the some of the poorest communities in Phnom Penh where we work. The families cannot afford to send their children to the local government school, so we provide our education for free.

We build schools where they are most needed.

We employ teachers who are paid above award wages [this both demonstrates our respect for their professionalism and ensures that we are able to attract the best candidates to teach in our schools despite the fact that they are in remote squatter communities.]

We purchase our supplies in Cambodia whenever possible, mindful of local businesses in our communities and the impact our purchases can have.

We support monthly teacher meetings where performance review and staff training is conducted.

We provide the infrastructure and teaching resources for each classroom.

We provide our students with their school uniforms, backpacks, books and stationary supplies.


Many of our families live below the poverty line.  Without support for the families of our student, their attendance will suffer as even small children are often required to work.  Microloans are provided to relieve the financial pressure on these families. The domestic chicken farm project is an example of this. 

Using donated community land selected women within the community will form the first training class to learn how to manage a domestic chicken farm. At the end of the three month period if the trainee has met all the requirements they will be provided with a microloan to build a chicken farm on their own land stocked with ten vaccinated hens and a rooster. It is estimated that these small domestic farms will have the potential to provide both food and income for each family.